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Wuxi Honghu Muffler Co., Ltd is loated in WUXI. It is a high and technology enterprise which is specialized in researching, developing and producting automobile exhaust system. It has a modern office environment, advanced production equipment and a number of excellent engineer team,senior staffs of management.  
With the great effort of all staffs, HongHu has taken the leading position in the Automobile Exhaust System Industry.  
At present, we are the OEM supplier for many auto companies, such as BAIC, BISU, LIFAN, GAC, ROEWE CHANGHE, GEELY, CHERY, DONGFENG, ZOTYE and etc. Meanwhile, the Catalytic Converters and Diesel Particulate Filters produced by Honghu are exported to North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, Japan and so on.  
HongHu has passed the IATF 16949 quality system certification and set up a perfect enterprise resource control plan in ERP system. For each production process,from material purchasement to finished products,we perform strict quality control requirements and supervision means to ensure the products with 100% qualified rate.   
Depending on the strict quality management and control, HongHu has won many awards, such as supplier excellence award, quality contribution award, quality contribution award, Jiangsu Excellent enterprise, AAA-level Credit Enterprise.  
R&D Center own advanced numerical simulation technologies combining CFD and FEA. The flow field analysis, thermal analysis, modal analysis and acoustic analysis help us to design and optimize our products.  
HongHu has three engine bench laboratories (including 160KW, 260KW and 440KW) and one semi-anechoic room. By these, the exhaust backpressure, insertion loss, temperature, etc. can be tested to examine the exhaust performance.    
In order to estimate the durability of our products, thermal fatigue test for the manifold, catalytic converter and muffler in thermal vibration lab should be done necessarily.  
The company’s performance laboratory is equipped with many testing devices, including metallographic analyzer, salt spray tester, spectrum analyzer and tensile/compression tester. The material properties and weld defects of each component could be detected.  
Besides,we have the ability to conduct the vehicle on-road NVH test and evaluate the affection of exhaust system on driving comfort level.  
“Continuous Innovation” is the aim of Honghu R&D team all the time. Now Honghu has more than 30 licensed patents, such as “a diffuse reflecting muffler”, “ a new close coupled converter”, " a exhaust manifold with flow mixer " . They are widely used in many kinds of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. With the highest quality and best service, t With the highest quality and best service, these products win the praise of customers at home and abroad.  
HongHu always adhere to the business idea of "customer first, quality first" and has established a good reputation in automotive industry. In the future, we will continue to walk along the path of “Continuous Innovation” and convince the customers with high-quality products and services. WUXI HONGHU MUFFLER CO.,LTD wishes all customers hand in hand,service the market,strive to create glorious tomorrow.

    无锡红湖消声器有限公司位于中国无锡,是一家专业从事汽车排气系统研发、生产和销售的高新技术企业。公司拥有现代化的办公环境、先进的生产设备、优秀的研发工程师和管理团队。 这几年在全体员工的努力下,红湖在汽车排气系统行业已经占据了领军地位。目前我们已经是多家国内上市公司的OEM供应商,比如北汽、比速、力帆、广汽、荣威、昌河、吉利、奇瑞、东风小康、众泰等,同时红湖生产的催化器和柴油颗粒过滤器远销北美,欧洲,南美,中东,日本等售后市场红湖已经通过了IATF 16949管理体系认证,并使用ERP管理系统,建立了完备的质量管理和质量控制体系。对于每一个产品生产过程,从原材料采购到生产后的产品,我们严格地执行质量控制标准和管控工具,从而确保100%的产品合格率。凭借着优秀、严格的质量管理和控制,红湖多次获得了优秀供应商、质量贡献奖、江苏省优秀企业、3A级资信企业等殊荣。(质量管理+成效)研发中心拥有先进CFD和FEA相结合的数值仿真技术。通过流场分析、热分析、模态分析以及声学分析可以指导我们的产品设计和优化。公司拥有3个发动机台架实验室(160KW、260KW和440KW)和1个半消声室,通过这些实验室可以进行排气背压、插入损失、温度等测试,从而考察排气系统的性能特性。为了评估产品的可靠性,我们在热振动实验室对歧管、净化器和消声器进行必要的热疲劳试验。    

公司的性能实验室拥有多个先进测试设备,如金相分析仪、盐雾试验仪、光谱分析仪和拉伸/压缩试验仪等,通过这些设备来检测单个零部件的材料属性和焊接缺陷。 此外,红湖还具备通过整车道路NVH测试来评估排气系统对驾驶舒适性影响的能力。(试验设备) 

“持续创新”是红湖研发团队一直以来的宗旨,红湖目前拥有授权的专利达30多个,比如主 “漫反射消声器”(diffuse reflection muffler), “藕合式催化器”(close coupled converter),“带导流装置的歧管总成”(the new type converter with flow mixer),这些专利广泛应用在多个乘用车和商用车上。凭借着一流的产品质量和精湛的服务受到客户的一致好评。(创新-专利)我们秉持着“客户第一,质量第一”的经营理念,在汽车零部件行业树立了良好的形象和品牌效应。在未来,红湖将沿着“持续创新”的道路继续前进,通过高质量的产品和服务信服于客户。我们期待和客户携手共进,共创辉煌的明天。 



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