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Industry trends
Research Report on the development trend and future prospects of China's automobile muffler industry (2022-2029)
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The automobile silencer is a part used to reduce the noise produced by the engine of the motor vehicle when it is working. Because the length difference of the two pipes is equal to half of the wavelength of the sound wave emitted by the car, the two rows of sound waves interfere with each other when they are superimposed, counteract each other, weaken the sound intensity, reduce the sound, and thus have the effect of silencing. Automobile noise mainly comes from automobile exhaust noise. Without a silencer, the noise can reach more than 100 dB at a certain speed. The second is engine noise and tire noise. The engine noise can reach more than 90 dB when the car is running normally, while the tire noise can reach about 95 dB when the speed is more than 90 km / h. Therefore, adding a muffler to the exhaust system can reduce the exhaust noise of the car by 20-30 dB. In terms of engine, replacing diesel engine with gasoline engine can reduce engine noise by 6-8 dB.

The "Research Report on the development trend and future prospects of China's automobile muffler industry (2022-2029)" released by Guanyan report network covers the latest industry data, market hot spots, policy planning, competitive intelligence, market prospect prediction, investment strategies, etc. Supplemented by a large number of intuitive charts to help enterprises in this industry accurately grasp the development trend of the industry, the trend of market opportunities, and correctly formulate enterprise competitive strategies and investment strategies. This report is based on the authoritative data released by the National Bureau of statistics, the General Administration of customs and the National Information Center, as well as the field research of our center on the industry, and combines the environment of the industry to conduct market research and analysis from theory to practice, macro to micro and other perspectives.


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