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Industry trends
Analysis on the development stage and restrictive factors of automobile muffler industry in China
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The automobile muffler can reduce the exhaust noise of the engine and enable the high-temperature exhaust gas to be safely and effectively discharged. As a part of the exhaust pipe, the muffler should ensure its smooth exhaust, low resistance and sufficient strength. The automobile muffler can ensure that the noise elimination effect will not be damaged or lost within the specified driving mileage of the automobile.

China report industry analyst pointed out: at present, China has become the world's largest automotive technology country. With the improvement of users' requirements for automotive technology, automotive mufflers are facing greater competition and pressure while ushering in greater market space. Relevant data show that at present, there are more than 100 manufacturing enterprises in China's muffler industry, with a production scale of more than 14million pieces, and this data will continue to rise.

At present, countries all over the world have strict rules on the limit value of noise of various vehicles. Exhaust muffler is such a device for reducing exhaust noise. In recent years, the annual output of China's automobile industry is increasing, and the number of cars is also increasing, which provides development space for the market of automobile silencers. In terms of export, due to China's advantage in low labor costs, the export price is also relatively stable, and there is a certain upward trend in stability. Therefore, from the perspective of both internal and external markets, China's automobile muffler industry has a good development prospect.

However, the development of automobile muffler Market in China is not balanced. Domestic enterprises account for most of the domestic market share. Among them, the supporting market is mainly occupied by a few large state-owned enterprises, and most private enterprises are mainly in the after-sales service market. In the aftermarket, the aftermarket of muffler is generally dominated by some private enterprises, because their costs are lower than large state-owned enterprises, labor costs are low, and production is flexible, so private enterprises have a great advantage in the aftermarket. At the same time, the requirements of muffler industry technology and quality standards are constantly improving, making the service life requirements of muffler much higher than before.

The analysis report on the current market situation and development opportunities of China's muffler industry 2013-2017 released by China report network shows that China's muffler industry is in a period of steady growth, but at the same time, due to factors such as cost, the industry pressure is increasing. With the development of automobile muffler Market in China, the application and research and development of related core production technology will become the focus of enterprises in the industry.


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