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How to prevent the car muffler from rusting
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The rust of automobile muffler has a great impact on the whole vehicle, so it needs to be prevented in advance:

1. There is water in the muffler. In winter or wet weather, when washing the car, it is necessary to prevent the increase of condensate or water in the muffler. When water is found, start the engine and idle for at least 10 minutes to drain the water inside as much as possible;

2. When it is difficult to start the car in winter when it is cold, close the choke and start the engine. After the car is hot, pay attention to open the choke in time. It is forbidden to drive at high speed for a long time when the choke is closed;

3. It is forbidden to install windshields or other decorative items in front of the engine and muffler on the ride, which will affect the heat dissipation of the engine and muffler;

4. Don't drive with heavy load and low gear for a long time, which will cause damage to the engine and muffler. Don't slam the accelerator in place for a long time. When there is oil on the surface of the muffler, the surface color will turn yellow and blue after hot driving;

5. When there is a large amount of dirt on the surface of the muffler, it should be cleaned in time to avoid affecting its heat dissipation. When disassembling the muffler, pay attention to whether the muffler pad is installed in place and fastened to prevent air leakage, so as not to affect the silencing effect and yellowing at the muffler interface.


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