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How to disassemble automobile muffler
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Like all products, car silencers also have a service life. In the process of using the car, how should the owner judge whether the car muffler needs to be replaced? Now let's have a look. 1. The service life of automobile muffler is at least 2 years and at most 3 years. The service life of large vehicles is slightly shorter, and that of light cars is slightly longer, which can generally reach 3 years. If it exceeds the service life, it should be considered to replace the car muffler.

2. According to the power loss, if the insertion loss exceeds 6dB and the power loss reaches 3%, it should be considered to replace the car muffler, otherwise it will lead to a waste of power and unnecessary use costs.

3. For vehicles used in places with fire prevention requirements, the car muffler should meet the gb13365 standard, and should be equipped with a spark extinguishing device, otherwise it should be replaced.

4. The muffler of the car has passed the quality inspection before leaving the factory. If it exceeds the quality inspection period, it should be replaced.

The car muffler must be replaced after a certain period of use. In special working environment, we should pay more attention to the use effect of the car muffler to prevent accidents.


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